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On the evening of September 26th, 2015 –The Spooky boys were able to explore the famous Prince of Wales hotel, in the Canadian rockies. Built in 1927, it is reputedly home to a handful of disembodied souls. According to the hotel manager, room 510 has scared multiple guests to the point of asking to change rooms.

Sara, the hotels most infamous ghost, worked at the hotel in its early years of existence and, after being rejected by her lover, jumped off the fourth floor mezzanine to the lobby below.

Mary, another hotel employee, leapt to her death from the sixth floor balcony wearing only a sheet, after another love-related rejection. Many employees have apparently attested to her presence.

The Spooky Boys made contact with Sara. Unfortunately. our cameras did not pick up her image in room 510, so a recreation was fabricated to illustrate the experience. “I became a believer in the supernatural after visiting room 510.”, said E. Partridge, who ventured with the Spooky Boys that evening.


The Alberta Canada Prince of Wales Hotel chandelier. Two possible orbs. Significant temperature drop recorded during the time of this photo.


The Spookyboys were able to visit the Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island is haunted by the ghost of John Baptiste. He was exiled to the island for grave robbery. He disappeared from the island without a trace. His moans are heard throughout the shoreline and within the house that resides on the island. Although we didn’t make direct contact with John Baptiste, we felt his presence and were able to capture some orbs in two photohraphs.


The house on the Fielding Garr Ranch contains a room that is said to be the most haunted place on the island. With our equipment and our photos, we have determined that there is something very paranormal about this particular room.


Supernatural orb captured in Kyoto Japan – while on a Geisha ‘surveillance’ mission.


A possible orb captured while filming interviews in Boise Idaho – near the haunted Murder House, home to a grizzly 1987 homicide.


Unnatural photography artifacts off the coast of San Francisco. Currently investigating possible link to the tortured inmates of Alcatraz.


Abnormal wisps captured in a highly haunted warehouse in south Salt Lake City. We captured this as Steve was imitating a bear he saw while venturing through Nova Scotia.