According to the Yahoo Search Engine, “evidence” is defined as “the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid:”. We at Spooky Boys agree.

On July 24th, 2021 – We ventured to Skinwalker Ranch, the most paranormal location on planet Earth. Shrouded in mystery and security gates, the Ranch is a hotbed for time portals, UFOs, Skinwalkers, Sasquatch, cattle mutilations, elector-magnetic anomalies, and unexplained phenomena. Near Skinwalker Ranch is the Dark Canyon, (Lair of the Skinwalker) in which the Spooky Boys camped. We did not see any Skinwalkers (dagnabbit!), but I did see a UFO and was lucky enough to catch it on video.

On the evening of September 26th, 2015 –The Spooky boys were able to explore the famous Prince of Wales hotel, in the Canadian rockies. We were fortunate enough to visit while the hotel was closed for the season. Built in 1927, it is reputedly home to a handful of disembodied souls. According to the hotel manager, room 510 has scared multiple guests to the point of asking to change rooms.

Sara, the hotels most infamous ghost, worked at the hotel in its early years of existence and, after being rejected by her lover, jumped off the fourth floor mezzanine to the lobby below.

The Spooky Boys believe we made contact with Sara.

This photograph was taken at Whitechapel District. This was the location of Jack the Ripper’s first victim, Mary Ann Nichols. A shadow hand can be seen on the sign above the canopy on the right side of the photograph.

Ralphael Plescia is a Salt Lake City artist and sculptor who focuses on the Bible and Heavenly Mother. His museum is a maze of spiritual reverence to the unknown. Spooky Boys were able to capture a halo ring (shadows in the top left) in a dug out room depicting Hell.

Fun Time Kidz Care located in downtown Salt Lake City has been long tied to conspiracy theories and nefarious rumors. A beam of light was captured in this photograph – which we believe was a demon masquerading as an angel of light.

Hacienda La Ciénega in Ecuador. Two hundred years ago this plantation served as home of Spaniard conquerors. Because of hard working conditions, many slaves died on the plantation.

Spaniards not only buried corpses in the ground, but also in a nearby swamp. And local people say that the spirits which inhabit the hacienda are enraged spirits of former slaves who seek vengeance from their cruel masters.

This photo depicts a possible silhouette on the right side near the top candle. As we took the photo, we felt like we were being watched.

The Spooky Boys were able to visit the Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island. It is haunted by the ghost of John Baptiste. He was exiled to the island for grave robbery. He disappeared from the island without a trace. His moans are heard throughout the shoreline and within the house that resides on the island. Although we didn’t make direct contact with John Baptiste, we felt his presence and were able to capture some orbs in two photographs.

Alcatraz (a possible portal to another dimension) is filled with the energy of those who came to the “Rock” and seemingly never left. The sounds of screams, whistles, clanging metal doors are said to be heard within (and outside) this historic prison.

These unnatural photography artifacts were taken near Alcatraz and we are currently investigating possible link to the tortured inmates of Alcatraz.

There once lived an impoverished samurai living in Kyoto with his wife. After dutifully serving his lord for many years, he returned to his wife at home. He enjoyed talking and laughing with his wife throughout the night of his reunion.

When the samurai woke the next morning, he discovered a skeleton with long black hair in his bed. He later learned his wife died from sadness the summer before his return.

This photo was taken nearby the samurai’s legend and we were fortunate to capture a supernatural orb near a geisha.