It doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not. They’re there. We know how to find them. With an experienced and diverse team, we have the confidence and the know-how to solve all your paranormal needs.

Scott – Ghost King

Scott, the “Ghost King”, has spent over three decades exploring the unexplained. With a background in parapsychology, demonology, and cryptozoology, his knowledge about spooky phenomena is unmatched. He’s really good at leading the Spooky Boys (all of which are really different but work together great). He is also not afraid of ghosts.

Dan – Equipment Specialist

We no longer live in the olden times where all you had were sticks and candles to communicate with the unliving. With twenty-first century ghost-hunting contraptions, Dan is able to reach out and discover the unknown.

Steve – Skeptic

Steve doesn’t believe in ghosts. He has never seen one and no ghost has ever touched him. Even though most of the Spooky Boys disagree with his ideology, it’s important for him to be there to give alternative perspectives.

Spencer – Ghost Ambassador

Spencer is a communicator. Not only can he can talk normally, but he can also talk to the undead and possessed. Communication is important, which makes Spencer an essential member of the team.

Steven – Demonologist

Steven is a city-renowned Demonologist who specializes in fallen angels in the antediluvian period. With three successful exorcisms performed, Steven is an expert at discharging unwanted visitors out of people’s bodies.

David – Paranormal Sensitive

David feels many things. One of those things is the presence of spooks. In an instant, he can know the spirit’s personality and their dark secrets. David is often haunted by the untold, but generally has a great attitude.


“Contacted my haunts and cleansed my house!”
–Taylor W.

“They are truly in touch with realms beyond our comprehension.”
–C. Fagen